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We are a strong community of passionate doers, builders, entrepreneurs, and angel investors. See our events below to come and meet us!

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Erupture Club Meeting

The UCB Erupture Club is the newly opened Erupture Angel Network Branch at UC Berkeley.

Erupture meets during workshops which are announced via our newsletter. Join to learn how to get funding for start-ups, meet people in the same industry/find co-founders, and network with investors.

All UC Berkeley students are welcome, and may attend any time at their convenience.

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Demo Day

Demo Days are events where UC Berkeley Startups get to pitch their business to accredited Investors.

All Erupture Investors are invited to attend, and 12 top Startups will be chosen through an application process. The event will be held toward the end of this year. Food and beverages will be provided.

Interested in attending?

We will present the following sectors: 
Social, E-Commerce, AR/VR, B2B, AI/ML, Blockchain, Gaming, CBD, Beauty/Fashion, Edtech, Deeptech, and many more.

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Collider Cup

Last semester Erupture Sponsored the UCB Collider Cup where top start-ups from SCET classes presented to Erupture Angel Network, and Berkeley Angel Network Investors.
Erupture provided $200,000 worth of discounts in software, and Erupture Investors went attended as judges for the event. Erupture will continue sponsoring this event each semester.

Join us!

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Interested in joining our organization?

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