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SWFT Blockchain

Industry: Blockchain/Crypto/NFT/Education

Website: swft.pro

Contact: bd@swft.pro

Available Positions: 

Marketing Intern

Role Description: SWFT Blockchain (swft.pro) is seeking a marketing intern who is experienced or interested in learning blockchain or cryptocurrency/NFT business. You will have significant autonomy to define your success and get in on something that is likely to be huge. (in-office only in Palo Alto, not remote)


What you will be doing: 
* Support social media and community management.
* Engage the community by delivering fully integrated social programs across relevant social networks.
* Involve in market research, content development, etc.


What you need: 
* Experienced in cryptocurrency business or desire to learn blockchain, cryptocurrencies across trading, NFTs, DeFi, CeFi, GameFi, Metaverse & more.
* Social media experience (Twitter, Discord, etc.).  
* Excellent English skills. Native English speaker preferred.


7G Bioventure

7G Bioventure

Industry: Biomedicine, VC, Private Equity

Website: linkedin.com/company/7g-bioventures

Available Positions: 

Remote Intern

Role Description: A US VC Firm (7G Bioventure) is offering an internship opportunity to a PhD or MD student in bioMedicine. The ideal candidates possess innate curiosity, critical thinking, intellectual honesty, and attention to detail. Prior investment activities are a plus. 


Industry: Blockchain, Crypto

Website: metaloop.world

Contact: kai.chen@metaloop.world

CC howard.li@metaloop.world

Available Positions: 

Graphic Design Intern
Motion Design Intern
3D Design Intern
UI/UX Design Intern

Role Description: If you’re someone who is interested in startup cultures and learning about blockchain or the cryptocurrency/NFT industry, we would like to invite you to our team! This is an opportunity where you will be able to freely express your creativity and be a part of something revolutionary.


What you will be doing:

* Help create designs for our site/app

* Working directly with the founders and talented engineers

* Learn tons of knowledge about Web3

* Most importantly, have fun!


Industry: iOS, Social

Website: getpoppin.io

Available Positions: 

iOS Developer

Product Manager

Role Description: Poppin is a mobile app seeking to be an all-in-one nightlife solution; from finding a new bar and seeing real-time info (wait times, cover charge, vibe, ect) to ordering drinks & earning rewards with friends. Think Waze & Snackpass meets bars/clubs.


They just launched their beta in Berkeley this week. If you or someone you know might have interest, please apply!


Industry: Social

Company Description: Flyerstack is a UC Berkeley start-up looking to revolutionize on-campus events. Flyerstack is looking for un-paid interns.

Website & Contact: flyerstack.com/joinus

Available Positions: 

Marketing & Business:

Responsible for social media growth and content creation.

Plan and execute marketing campaigns.

Conduct PR outreach and represent the voice of Flyerstack.

Assist with operational tasks and logistical planning for the Business and Operations Team. 

UI/UX & Product Design

Designing mockups on Figma.

Conduct customer interviews to procure feedback.

Work with product team to refine product design.

Graphic Design experience is a plus.

Software Engineering

Build new product features for our iOS and Android users.

Develop UI and functionality in the frontend using React Native and React JS.

Improve recommendation algorithm using user data, machine learning and AI.

Maintain our noSQL Firebase database.

Build python backend services for webscraping and API calls.

Graphic Design

Designing marketing materials, social media posts, and any other company promotional materials.

Work with marketing to get feedback from users on new designs. Test and iterate to create designs that optimize customer experience.

Collaborate with Product Managers and UI/UX Team to design aspects of the product.

Must submit a portfolio/example of art with application. 


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