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Provide easier access to young entrepreneurs with decentralized resources

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Angel Investment

Pitch at our accredited investor events to kickstart your venture

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Advisory Network

Gain access to key introductions and partnerships

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Deals & Perks

Get exclusive perks provided by our industry partners

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Startup Academy

Learn about big failures from our community thought leaders

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Young Founders

Young founders need help! We are here!

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Female Founders

Women represent 46% of founders, but only 37% of capital was raised

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Minority Founders

Latino founders made up 1.8 percent of those receiving funding

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Deep Tech Founders

The long haul of R&D and heavy asset made them unattracitve to traditonal VC

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Our network of advisors are experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts that are ready to help you succeed

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Have a project in mind?
Let’s get to work.

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